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UL-3015, 3018

> Lab coat for class 1000 or class 10000 at pharmaceutical and foods compaines or ICassembly lines.
> Employs 2/1 twill materials for activity and easy laundry.
> The neck of 3015 has a Y-style design and its front is
finished with button.
> The neck of 3018 has C-style design and its front is finished with zippers.

UL-3025, 3028

> Lab coat for use in pharmaceutical or foods companies.
> Employs 3./2 twill materials for better activity.
> Anti-static knit cuff with conductive yarns strip.
> The neck of 3025 has a Y-style design.
> The neck of 3028 has a C-style design.

UL-3035, 3038

> These lab coats are for use in pharmaceutical companies of IC assembly lines.
> 3035 is polyester materials, thus being wrinkle-free, laundryproof and highly sterilizied.
> 3038 uses 1/1 plain materials with good ventilation, thus offering a more comfortable wear.
> The neck of 3035, 3038 employs Y-style disign.