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   Moisture Barrier Bags

>Moisture barrier bags are made from high-performance barrier materials, specially designed for "dry packaging" of moisture-sensitive electronic components. The bags are water proof, vapor proof of grease proof and offer superior ESD shielding and EMI shielding.

>The bags are conform easily to the shape of products for vaccum packaging while providing excellent puncture resistance and offer very low gas, moisture permeation. The inner layer of polyethlene allows for entremely reliable hermetic seals. The bags are designed for particle free, contamination free packaging products that are produced in clean room and contain non-chemstries (CI, F, SO4, PO4, NO2, Br)

>High performance
- Amine free, passes outgassing and corrossion tests.
- MVTR is less than 0.0006gms.
- Static safe, dissipative inner and outer surfaces.
- Meets the electrical and physical requirements of EIA541, MIL-B-81705C, TYPE 1.
   Static Shield Bags

>Static shielding bags are designed for packing products requiring electro-static discharge protection, The bags offer superior ESD protection for CMOS, MOS and other highly ESD-sensitive components.

>The bags are transparent for easy identification of package contents and contain no Noctanoic acid and are compatible with polycarbonate meterials. Static shielding bags are humidity-independent and heat-sealable to provide moisture and dust protection during handling and storage.

- Surface resistivity<{10(10)ohm(Ten to the ten power ohm)}/sq ASTME-257
- Static Decay Rate<0.03 seconds FTMS 101C Method 4046.1