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Where critical conditions are important.
When clean room operations demand an extremely low level of particulates, the BioFit Class 10 chair can make the grade. The Class 10 is built with the sace rigid BioFit specifications, has the same comfort and ease of use, and offers the same benefits as the Class 100. But it goes one step further. The unique design of this seating does not use filtering as on Class 100 models, but rather a breather lung. The breather lung forms a flexible, expandable, and collapsible vessel sealed from the room air and open to the air inside the air-impermeable upholstered seat. so, when the seat is compressed by the user, its air moves into the lung. When the load is removed from the seat, the air in the lung returns to the seat. The seat air movement
action is independent of the surrounding clean room environment.

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Model No.
Seat Height
   N10 CHAIR

New N10 Line of Chairs Provides Important Alternative for Achieving Class 10 Performance.
The new N10 models of Class 10 chairs from BioFit take advantage of significant advancements in materials thchnology. They use a nylon fiber matrix that is porous, laminated with a super efficient filter media. This combination of matierials for covering seats and backs gives Class 10 performance without need of built-in filters or other devices.
The new base material has the supple appearance and touch of soft glove leather, yet maintains superior durability and stain resistance. It's nylon fiber are laid down in a three-directional axis similar to the natural structure of collagen that is found in leather.
It's porous structure breathes through billions of tiny micropores.
The material looks and acts like vinyl, making it easy to clean with soap and water. Because it is really nylon, however, it is resistant to common disinfectants and bleach as well as being nonoutgassing, non-shedding. Plus, it's remarkably comfortable to sit on in heat of cold. The porous structure breathes by transmitting moisture vapor through the billions of tiny micropores. When the room temperature is warm excess theat is dissipated, and in cold it is retained.
The synthetic filter media laminated to the base material is made of permanent electrets in the form of
a fibrous mat. An electret is a nonconductive material with imbedded electical charges that have infinite life span. By incorporating electrostatic charges into the media, the filtration efficiency is enhanced over that normally expected from fibers of this size.